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More than5000 years, yoga is the oldest defined practice of self development.  Yoga is practiced by stretching the body and forming different poses.  The practice of yoga keeps the breathing slow and controlled. This consequently awakens your instinctual self andenergies your body.

Yoga, which derived from the word “yuj”, means to control and bring together. Yoga unifies the mind, body and soul in sense of overall well-being.The word is associated with meditative practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Yoga focuses that human personality has five different aspects such as physical self, energy self, mental self, intellectual self and blissful self. If you improve them all you can enjoy heaven on earth.


Physical self-

Experts and teachers of yoga believe well-nourished bodies for the overall growth in long run, so it’s important to have a proper and balanced diet on a regular basis. Starting from breakfast to dinner, every meal should be nutritious and healthy. Other than that you should have healthy forms of recreation and few caring loved ones. If you skip any of these all your efforts at improving yourself will go in vain.

 Mental self-

Yoga soothes your nerves, calms your mind,establishes self control,   develops selflessness, and ability for concentration.


Energy Self-

 When breathing techniques and mind become controlled the energy flow with the body becomes unhindered. This positive energy teaches you how to control anger, hatred and anxiety.


Intellectual self-

Yoga believes that intellectuality of a person can be developed through reaping knowledge from books.


Blissful self-

It teaches you to block out any negative form of feelings or thoughts and preserve level of happiness. The ability enables you to stay calm and determined despite all adversities and struggles that might come their way.


One of the most positive aspects about Yoga is that it can be learned by anybody at any where irrespective of cast, creed and sex. If you have the will to improve, then Yoga is the way.




N.B- Prior Expert Opinion And Guidance Is Recommended Before Adapting Any Thing New.