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Acupressure is the acupuncture or needle-less healing technique. It has its roots from China.  According to this treatment the blockages of acupoints cause pain and discomfort in body. On psychological aspect it can cause frustration or irritation, and on a spiritual level it can make one feel ungrounded, vulnerable, and indecisive about life.
Acupressure believes, all major points related to the all the body organs are located one inch below the wrist. So you can stimulate the blood supply to all the organs of your body by applying pressure to palm, fingers and thumbs and front and back side of your hands It can also repair body's nervous system, without using drugs.

The acupressure practitioners use deep but gentle finger pressures on specific acupoints to smoothen it down.  As a result you have an opportunity to live a stress free life with a relaxed mind and body set up.

Since acupressure can be performed at any place at any time, and  the skill of using finger tips is simple, it is considered to be the most convenient and skill full form of healing stress and anxiety.


The benefits from Acupressure treatment:
• The relief of daily stress
• Aches and pains
• Allergies
• Migraines

• Exhaustion
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Digestive problems and Gastro-Intestinal problems
• Eye strain
• Chronic conditions




Things you'll need to learn for practicing Acupressure:

Apply steady pressure to the points on the both the wrists where your smallest finger and wrist meet to get relieve from stress headaches.

For the overall physical stress reduction, make a fist with your left hand by bringing down the thumb so it rests on your first finger. Take a note where these two fingers meet. The acupoint is just above and to the left of it. Apply firm pressure to the point for 30 seconds. Perform it on both the hands.

To reduce stress and encourage overall relaxation apply pressure to the point two thumb widths toward the ankle, from the space, between your big toe and your second toe.


N.B- Prior Expert Opinion Is Recommended Before Adapting Any Thing New.