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Way Forward » Learn To Love Yourself
Learn To Love Yourself

When you don’t love yourself, you are basically telling the Universe that you are not good enough to have anything positive. This feeling of self unloved makes you suffer from low self esteem, so finally it becomes almost impossible to prove your potential. The theory is simple which says, “Learn to love yourself if you want to be loved by others”. If you keep on highlighting on the minus points of your nature than you will get negativity everywhere. So start to love the real you by accepting it the way it is. When you make a decision to love yourself, you will really see miraculous changes in your life.  Just like the touch of Midas, things around you will turn into positive from negative. You, yourself, will be the witness of living a fulfilling life.


 You will fall in love with yourself by:


1.      Eliminating self-criticism- make an effort to stop criticizing yourself.

2.      Acknowledging your efforts- Even if you failed acknowledge that u have done your best.

3.      Trusting yourself and your capabilities- be confident that you have the potential to change things.

4.      Forgiving yourself- It is a normal to commit mistakes as humans. We all do it. Don’t carry around the feeling of guilt. Just throw it away right now of your life by forgiving yourself.

5.      Letting go worries- things can never get better by worrying about them.  If possible Look for a solution otherwise leave it in the hands of all mighty. If he can give you a problem then he is the one who can really bless you with a way out.

6.      Count your blessings- it is always better to count your blessings rather than complaining about what you are missing on. Remember that people with worst conditions than yours are also living their lives.

7.      Having positive affirmations on a regular basis- say it to inner self in a loud voice, “I love and accept myself completely and unconditionally the way I am.”

8.      Valuing your dreams- try to chase your dreams rather than denying them. They can make you attain the ultimate joy of your life.

9.      Taking care of health and looks- make efforts to stay healthy and look good. Exercise on regular basis and some makeovers can really make it easy for you.

10.  Boosting up your self-confidence by grabbing opportunities- Don’t let go opportunities. Try to make every of them fruitful.

11.  Enjoying- always take out time to enjoy. You should laugh and smile and have fun whenever you get the chance because no matter what you do, you aren't going to live forever.

12.  Appreciating when someone praises you- Learn to take other’s compliment as a gift from God.try to note it down when somebody says something good about you. It will enhance your self-esteem.

13.  Believing in the supreme power-if you grow spiritually then the chances of   falling in love with yourself will also increase. You become more peaceful, connected, kind, loving and compassionate.


Go ahead, and experience the priceless joy of living with meaningful purpose. Go ahead, and make it happen. Remember it is always better to be late than never.