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Praanic Healing

Praanic healing is a no-touch method of treating physical, emotional and mental energies. The word praana energizes itself from two sets of sources such as Primary-sun, air and earth. Secondary-food, water, plants etc. This therapy highlights how to consciously absorb more praana and use it to improve your life.

Praana from sunlight can be obtained by sunbathing or exposure to sunlight for about five to ten minutes and by drinking water that has been exposed to sunlight. Air praana is absorbed by concentrating on the breathing technique. Praana from earth can be obtained by walking barefooted on the ground which increases your capacity to do more work, and ability to think more clearly.

By applying healing techniques such as cleansing and energising, you are able to remove negativity from yourself. This technique is beneficial if you practice it on regular basis. It helps to relax your pulse rate, ease down the blood pressure and makes you more focused. The most effective technique in Praanic healing is the Meditation on Twin Hearts or (MTH). Through it you will learn to concentrate on specific energy centres of your body, which will give an optimistic change to your personality.

Achievements through Praanic healing-

You can acquire several attitudinal skills through Praanic therapy of Healing. You will be witnessing certain visible changes in your personality such as:

·         Art of Controlling and managing the mind

·         Positive thoughts

·         Improved concentration power

·         Art of proper time management and decision making

·         Learn to deal with stress

·         Creativity

·         Learn to get sound sleep

·         Improved skill of communication and interaction

·         Assertive nature towards personal relationships

·         Ability to set goals in life

·         Ability to lead in a proper manner.

Praanic Healing does not intend to replace prescribed medicine. In fact, encouragement has been given to the patient to visit a doctor who is severe. Of course, the healing may need several sessions to cure it completely

Praanic healing can be learned in a few sessions by anyone who is healthy and has an average level of intelligence.  It’s even easier than learning to paint. It is the practice and time which will make you proficient. It is generally recommended to read a comprehensive book on Praanic Healing and/or take a Praanic Healing classes in local centers. Numerous books for beginners and advanced students on Praanic healing by the authors like Choa Kok Sui can teach you the correct movements of Praanic healing.


N.B- Prior Expert Opinion and Guidance Is Recommended Before Adapting Any Thing New.