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Numerology is an almost accurate manner of predication by setting the numeric sequence of someone's name. We usually ignore the importance of our names. Numerology explains how you can solve various problems through some simple adjustments of the numeric values of your name. Each of the nine planets of the solar system is allotted to numbers ranging from 1 to 9. These nine planets influence the human life in an important way. The planetary positions during your birth time reflect your personality. Soon after your birth, your every movement is controlled by the number and their corresponding planets.

This theory also connects every number to different letters. For example: 1 symbolizes letters A,J and S. Numerology has divided all letters in to four different energy patterns like Physical (Body), Mental (Mind), Emotional (Heart) and Intuitive (Spirit). Letters related to The Physical body signify potential for physical strength, endurance and size. All letters related toThe Mental body specify personal aspects like thinking, strategy, problem solving and learning. All letters related The Emotional body indicates sensitivity, emotion, relationships and feelings. All letters related The Intuitive body point out towards intuition, introspection and inner perception.

 Throughout your life span, you are ruled by your name and the numbers assigned to the letters of it. You stumble upon difficulties in life when your numbers are not organized in an accurate manner. In numerology there are no universally lucky or unlucky numbers, like the proverbially lucky number "7" or the black number "13."

Some basic positive and negative behavior of Numbers:





  1-Ego self


  Aggressive and egocentric

  2-Interaction with others

   Sensitive and co-operative

  Shy and over sentimental

  3-Social interactions and acceptance

  Joyful and witty

  Moody and unforgiving

  4-Procrastination, control and constrictions


  Prejudicial and Procrastinator

  5-Change and movement

  Flexible and free

  Rigid and Impulsive.

  6- Responsibilities towards relationships


  Perfectionist and nosy

  7- Trust and Skepticism



  8-Power and status

  Logical and Leading capability.

  Easily frustrated and short  tempered


  Loves unconditionally, unselfish

  Egoistic and hard in letting go.


The zero (0) is the mixture of the nine separate energies. When connected to any number, zero specifies energy with the help of spiritual assistance.

Numerology considers Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the basic elements of every numerological vibration. By surrounding yourself with objects signifying a particular element, you can compensate the missing number vibrations associated with that element

Numerological way outs to equilibrate the vibration of your numbers:


 Is Associated with number 4, 6 and 8 represents stability and will power. By surrounding yourself with objects taken from ground, you can actually compensate the missing number vibration. You can use pottery items. Try to avoid metallic things.


 Is Associated with number 5 and6 represents thought and creativity. To balance the scarcity of these numbers, surround yourself with objects related to air like the strong aroma from flowers or any other perfume.


Is connected to the numbers 1, 3 and 9 represents planning and execution. To compensate the scarcity of these numbers you can use red color metallic objects because the color red relates to fire.


Is connected to the numbers 2 and 7 represents the communication skill and spontaneous actions. To balance the deficit of these numbers surround yourself with blue watery objects like aquariums, small fountains etc.

These way-outs are only affective for supplying a single element to your numerological chart, so choose cautiously which element would be most beneficial to you.

Numerology deals with numerous aspects of human life. Tough its seems to be very simple but it needs thorough practice. If you feel numerology can provide the best possible solution for your well being than it is suggested that consult the subject matter experts before adopting anything new. In recent times you will come across a large number of numerologists everywhere.   Other than that you can visit numerous numerological websites online. It will make the counseling procedure more convenient and time saving.




N.B- Prior Expert Opinion And Guidance Is Recommended Before Adapting Any Thing New.