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Support Social Causes And Charity

One of the best ways to relieve you from the stresses in life is by supporting different social causes. It gives you a feel good attitude when you help others. It diverts your mind from your own problem when you dedicate yourself to any noble cause.
Some most common approaches of supporting social causes:

1.Local Old Age Home-
Many residents of old age homes don't have any visitors. Try to give them a warm visit for an hour or two, twice in a week. It would really make a difference to them as well as to you also.

2. Youth Club/NGOs-
 Support your local youth clubs/NGOs by providing sports, fun and study materials for several causes. These clubs is always in need of responsible, patience individual to guide and help them.

3. Local Devotional centers -

Devotional centers are where people can go to find help. Put your spiritual gifts there to help those needy people.

4. Local Food camps-
you can donate money or food to these organizations in order to feed the unfed.

5. Homeless Shelter-
Try to provide for the homeless or help the local orphanages or other places of shelter.

6. Volunteering for kids suffering from diseases -
Spend some quality time with the children who are suffering from various severe diseases like HIV, Cancer etc.

7. Help centers for the victim of Domestic Violence-   
There is a great need in our society of volunteering assistance to protect those who are the victims of physical abuse.

8. Rape Crisis Center-

Rape is a serious crime and rape victims need all moral and physical support and care to recover from this pain.  Self Volunteering for a social cause like this can get you a positive mental outcome.

9. Pet Shelter centers-
Pets need care too. Join a pet shelter center to take care of sick and homeless pets and to help them to find good homes. If you love pets then this would be a great source for you to get rid of your stress.