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The word geopathic derived from two Greek words known as geo meaning ‘of the earth’ and pathos, meaning ‘suffering’ or ‘disease’. The theory believes the radiations originated from underground streams, mining disturbances, rock faults etc can terrible stress in your life. These can influence your living places which may finally affect your immune systems negatively and if ignored, the existing problems can also be exacerbated.

Stress healing works?
Geopathic stresses on healing through proper placement of Stress healing crystal cones, Copper instruments, cylindrical units and yantras. These placements cure the root of the problems of health and relationships of the residents of the applied building.  As it’s always recommended that the healing is to be done before construction of a building, but healing is also possible after construction.

Here we are suggesting some simple ways to reduce the damage caused by geopathic stress:

  • Boost up your energy field through energy medicine, energy essences of Olive, Lotus, Wheatgrass
  • Avoid eating vegetables, fruit and greens grown in the affected area
  • Increase your intake of natural iron in form of almonds, greens, red veggies and fruit etc.
  • detoxify your body regularly  through Pranayam
  • exercise regularly to get fill the energy deficiency caused by the geopathic stress
  •  Avoid wearing synthetic clothes, as these have fiber that can attract electric charge strongly
  • Keep your food and lifestyle as simple as possible, to give your body the spare time to deal with the difficult situation and develop resistance
  • Pray or perform other spiritual Practices to remain optimistic and hopeful. Prayers can shake the mountains. Geopathic stress is not a big deal for the all mighty.
  • Espouser  to good amount of sunlight will re-vitalize your cells every day to keep them living naturally

We all know “where there is a will; there is a way.” No problem is worth of losing your inner peace. Negativity is there so that we all can cherish the positive things. If we have troubles then we do have many way outs for them.

All the above points can only provide a temporary relief but for a permanent solution you can always consult a geopathic counselor who can guide you through detailed information related to this field. Many online websites are also very helpful in line of geopathic healing.Do everything possible to renovate the place.

N.B- Prior Expert Opinion and Guidance Is Recommended Before Adapting Any Thing New