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Vaastu Shaastra

Vaastu is a Sanskrit word which means perpetual substance. Vaastu means the Structure and Shaastra means the Science.   Vaastuisa very old Indian form of Architecture which has a drastic positive impact on our lives, our relationships, health and success in every sphere. Although design of a ready built house/flat cannot be changed, but one can certainly implement Vaastu during renovation. At a money-making sector implication of Vaastu is needed for the expansion business, increase profit, maintain friendly relations with the employees.

The Vaastu Shastra is established upon the five vital elements of nature like Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. So when a building is constructed without observing the rules of Vaastu Shastra, various calamities, diseases and accidents take place. The directions of East and West is important as far as obtaining the energy from the sun and the importance of North and the South lies in the flow of magnetic waves. Therefore northward portion of every building should be lower than the southward portion. In general rooms or structures at north and north-east should be of smaller in size than south and south-west. All corners of a room or structure should be in right angle.

You may surprise as how directions can lead to personality development. In Vaastu specific direction certainly adds positivity in your character and progressively motivates the overall personality.
The influence of direction like North-east which is an allotted place for Water (bathroom and washing place). Due to its steady flowing nature, water encourages constant growth in your life. Never have any permanent wells, big bores, or hollow in the center of the structure. This will weaken the positive effect of water force.By allocating the south-east corner to fire (kitchen) you will encourage the level of energy for success as fire is a symbol of aggressive level of energy which creates new. You should try to put all electric devices on those corners of the rooms. Earth on the southwest corner of your home will give you a stable mind set. This quality will make you a proficient decision maker and a leader. Because earth is solid and constant by nature. So try to have a small garden in this corner. Sky ruling the North West corner enhances your maturity level, analytical and communicating skill because of it expanding quality. Try to have an open lawn at this corner.

 Here are few quick and easy tips to execute Vaastu for enhancing your personality:

·         Use marble in the place of worship and there should not be toilets near to the place of worship.

·         Faced towards North-West while worshipping.

·         Trees should not be grown in Eastern or Northern direction however you can keep small plants there. Trees like banyan, scared fig (papal) should never be planted in within your plot. Trees like neem, nilgiri are healthy for your domestic life.

·         Shadow of any tree should not be touching any part of your house

·         Avoid keeping thorny plants like cactus, as they increase the tensions in the environment. You can only keep rose and few plants with medicinal value.

·         You should keep at least one Tulsi plant in the north-east area of the premises, but its height should not exceed 1.5 meter. 

·         Growing creepers with support on the compound wall or a house wall should be avoided.

·         You can always make a lawn with dhoob ghaas. It’s an auspicial sign related to Lord Ganesha.

·         You should not keep war and depression related pictures at your home.

·         Avoid keeping any mirror in the kitchen.

·         Your dining room should not be exposed to the main entrance of your house.

·         Eat food facing towards east-west.

·         Face towards the east while cooking. 

·          Face towards North if you are in north hemisphere and face towards South for south hemisphere while doing business / study for exams / meditation / yoga exercise. East side is favorable for both the hemispheres.

·         An aquarium with 9 gold fish and one black fish, in the north east corner/portion of the house or factory is very good.

·         Always try to keep the north-east area organized.

·         You should sleep with his head pointing towards the South.

·         All the doors should open inside so that the energy remains inside.  And they should open towards right hand.

·          Grease periodically to make all the hinges of the doors noiseless.

·         While ascending the staircase, the face should be either towards the north or the east. 

·         The seat of the toilet should face North-South. .

You can make your life successful only if you get "right perceptions" in your mind at "right time" and "right place". Nothing in the universe is more powerful than your own willpower. So learn to follow your own instincts by adopting above simple things. Always remember
"Sorrow may endure for a night, but if you hold on, joy will follow in the morning"

In recent times the scope for implementation of vaastu is huge.  You can consult Vaastu experts and hire them for the job. If not you can learn it by yourself by doing courses on it. Or else you can visit several informative websites related to Vaastu.

N.B- Prior Expert Opinion and Guidance Is Recommended Before Adapting Any Thing New.