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Secret Confessions

Way Forward » Love Confession

When was the last time you felt this strong urge from within to blurt out something that was overwhelming and was making you feel bizarre? And if you felt that way, did you go all the way out and let those suffocating thoughts out to feel free?

Well, almost all of us have secrets those are nibbling on our mind and souls, creating a black hole of indecision and ambiguity. Every time we make an effort to confess such secrets, the fear of ridicule, embarrassment or judgements, holds us by the neck and we let go of the courage to break free. Secret confessions lead us to the peace of mind that we long for when we are holding those detrimental thoughts deep within.

Confidential Confession is the Gateway to Solace

At, an open yet a much closed virtual forum invites you to divulge all through your secret confessions, without revealing your identity to others. It remains your secret, like it was always, but you get the contentment of having it shared too. Your post remains a private one and you are the bearer of the key to it. Posting a confidential confession gives the inner satisfaction of having a confidant, who will not judge you on any parameters.

You can make that confession in the comfort zone of your very own space where you talk to a virtual identity and unburden your heart and mind. Bringing your solace to your own self was never so easy.

Create a Free Account to make that Secret Confession and:

  • Get rid of that uneasy feeling that haunted you for long.
  • Make way for self to being a happier person.
  • Be assured that the secret that you shared will remain yours forever.
  • Have a happy life...!!!