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Making Real Confessions

All Confessions

It might not be identified far and wide as yet but it is a fact that making a confession is a device that causes us to look outward for inward solutions. To confess one’s wrong doings brings relief that eventually results in mental peace. The confessions are effective only when they are made with an intention of being true to self first and then to anyone else.

It is like owning up to the reality that our condition, that we ourselves have created is out of sync with who we actually are. It was some mistake that brought to the present situation and hence the confession. It also becomes difficult to hold on to something that is consuming our happiness. We ought to spill it out to attain solace.

As it is basic human nature, we always live under the fear of judgements; hence we are apprehensive to speak about our misdoings in open. It is also important to have the assurance that the confession is made open to the world but the anonymity is maintained too. This is what is taken care of with utmost sincerity at You can break free yet be assured that your expression is not there to bring you any judgements or ridicule.

True Confession at

To make that true confession or if you have some real confessions that are hard to make, log on to and achieve:

  • The satisfaction of having that load off your chest that was not letting you be.
  • The security and assurance that your confession will remain anonymous and your identity remains concealed.
  • The much awaited peace that leads you to absolution.
  • A forgiveness from self, as it is the grandest favour do to self when you confess.

Usher into a world of awareness and expression. Make way to