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Question» Self Pity » I always wanted to be somebody, but I lack focus. I lack direction. Though... I always wanted to be somebody, but I lack focus. I lack direction. Though...
Posted By: Adofo(Karma : 5)
Posted On: 25 Jan, 2012

I always wanted to be somebody, but I lack focus. I lack direction. Though a visionary, still i get distracted from the track easily.... am very restless, need to find inner peace.... HELP !! One more thing, you have a beautiful smile

Answered By: Deeksha Gyan
Posted On: 25 Jan, 2012
Thanks for your compliment Adofo. Now coming to your problem, first and foremost thing you have to do is to become aware that you have an attitude of a wanderer , especially when you have identified that you lose track easily. When you start accepting yourself with this state of mind , you will stop running from the problem and will eventually find the solution being close to it.Be comfortable with the fact that you get bored of the things very easily and you look for new excitement. There is nothing wrong in it and you should make peace with this fact. But, if you have aspirations and you are drifting away from your dreams being a wanderer , then it becomes a concern.Make it a point to jot down the highlights of your daily activities before you retire and call the day off. You make mental notes too , if you find writing to be too meticulous.But it will surely help. Now try and concentrate on the areas where you actually spent time working towards what you aspire to be. Did you actually do anything pertaining to your dreams or you were just wasting all the time that you had. If you find the time too less that you used towards your aspiration, increase it the next day , add more the next , so on and so forth till you reach a comfortable level where you find your contentment. Initially you will have to force yourself to get into the realm of focusing hard. Slowly , you will find yourself into that frame where you are constantly answering your own-self about your efforts.Inner peace eventually will surface, when you have achieved a harmony with your goals and the time and efforts you spend working on them.And lastly, nothing comes easy,but if you want it real bad, make sure you get it. Even if you have to be a different person all together.
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Adofo : thnx deeksha....