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Question» Others» Hi Deeksha, Hope you are doing great.  from the... Hi Deeksha, Hope you are doing great.  from the...
Posted By: Krishna(Karma : 0)
Posted On: 12 Mar, 2012

Hi Deeksha, Hope you are doing great.  from the career perspective i have not been growing.. there have been no growth for last two years. i checked with astrologer and also was asked to do religious rituals which is also done.... but there is no growth. I was out of job for twice in last two years. there were problems like recession etc. also if i get the job i dont get salary on time and in one of the assignment i was not paid for more than 3 months and i continued becausei thought i will be getting paid eventually and when i asked for the salary i had to discontinue with the work. i have never faced this kind of issues in my life. am well qualified with around decade of experience in media and entertainment business and have provided results. i really feel down, frustrated and irritated as am not able to fulfill my goals requirements etc. because there is no static and regular flow of income, am not able to get any loans. have been dreaming about buying the car for couple of years now and have not gone on vacation for last years. i think life is miserable. I am not settled yet after more than 10 years of working and also not got the dream job where the profile and money both are good. I experience i have to sacrfice on the money part most of the time. pl guide and help me with regards to what should I do now. thanks in advance for your time.  

Answered By: Deeksha Gyan
Posted On: 13 Mar, 2012
Hello Krishna,I am doing just fine, thanks. Now let us talk about your dilemma. See Krishna, today we are in a competitive job market and it is not very easy to get yourself noticed among a hoard of job seekers. Yet, it is not impossible. Some smart thinking and few effective and positive actions on your part can bring you the desired results. First and foremost thing, make a profile of you, for your own self. Write down, what you did in past years after your education and what were your achievements. You said that you are in media and entertainment business, right? You must have had your moments of high where you got that job satisfaction and money too. Try and concentrate on those assignments and capture the crux of them. You will then identify your own strengths. Now keeping in mind those strong areas, start building a positive network of professionals around you. Among your friends, your associates, online networking platforms, spread your wings to the maximum limits. Promote yourself highlighting your professional strengths. Till the time you lay your hands on a desired and fat opportunity, do not be choosy about the assignments you get as per your job satisfaction. Be ready to put your best in anything that can fetch you good money. Because, what I could gather from you is that a decent amount of money is your foremost requirement at the moment. Try to earn that by grabbing opportunities that may not give you creative satisfaction but will surely bring you happiness. Also, it is important to polish your skills. Groom yourself with ideas, updates and mechanism related to your profession. Explore the resources as far as you can, keep learning, keep sharing. Dress up smartly every morning before you leave the house. Believe me, it adds ounces to your self-confidence and you feel energetic. Let yourself be noticed in the crowd. Last but not the least, give up on that loser attitude and wear a GO-GETTER TAG on your sleeve....!!! You will see things improving and falling in place. I will wait for a good news from you when you buy that car...:))
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