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Question» Others» All my life I was concentrating on being big career wise. I never thought ... All my life I was concentrating on being big career wise. I never thought ...
Posted By: Muthu(Karma : 11)
Posted On: 30 Mar, 2012

All my life I was concentrating on being big career wise. I never thought of relationships and friendships. I wanted to earn name , fame and money. I was not seeking love. But suddenly this girl came in my life and I fell in love with her. She loves me too . But she keeps complaining of not being happy with me. It is more than a year of our relationship and she says that I do not do much efforts to make it interesting. I am not sure what should i do. i have never been in a relationship? Please help.

Answered By: Deeksha Gyan
Posted On: 02 Apr, 2012
Dear Muthu, being in love is one of the best feelings you can cherish, provided both the partners get contentment and fulfillment out of that love. A relationship is successful only if both are making equal efforts to bring happiness to each other's lives. You should be happy about the fact that your girl is making an effort to communicate what she feels is missing. That is one good sign that she wants to be with you but needs a little more out of this relationship to keep it going in a positive direction.If you really love this girl then it should not be very difficult for you take the initiative and understand as to what exactly she wants. Most of the times a girl asks for stability and security in relationship. If that is in place then it must be the correct attitude of the guy to make her feel wanted and very special person in his life. Do small little things to express your love of and on. Surprise her with romantic dates , that you plan secretly. Find her favorite places without giving her hints and plan accordingly. Start paying attention to her likes and dislikes and make conversations about them. Show interest in her life, her friends , talk to her about her aspirations, her dreams. Once in a while , buy her some nice presents ( trust me on this, there in nothing better than a surprise gift that can bring a smile on a girl's face.) Enhance your physical intimacy by bringing newness to it. I am sure you will keep her glued to you...:)
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