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Confessionยป Karma Calculation
Karma Calculator :

How karma is calculated:

  • +2 for adding confession.

  • +1 if you click on smiley for a cofession made by user.

  • +2 if original poster of confession or person starting the topic clicks on smiley for a post made by user.

  • +5 if agony aunt clicks on smiley for post made by user.

  • -1 if anybody clicks on frown for post made by user.

  • -10 if admin penalizes user for any reported abuse or infraction.

Karma Usage :

What is Karma?

A term from Hinduism and Bhuddism for the idea that what goes around comes around. On our website the number associated with aliases is called that user's "karma." It is a measure of the contribution made by the user and good the user has done for the community.The best way to gain karma is to read and comment on confessions made by other users and join discussions with insightful comments. If others like what you have to say your karma score will go up. 

Why should I try to accumulate karma?
Don't just aim to accumulate karma but try and be a good person, and let your karma accumulate and reflect your legacy. People with high karma will be invited to mentor and help others on the website. At the end of the day a high karma gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.