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Posted By: Nisa(Karma : 18)
Posted On: 23 Dec, 2011

women -liberation

Can you really feel the term called women -liberation in our society or its just a myth??????

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bebo : women liberation is a process which talks abut equality of women wd their counterparts in the society.however its over use n rather mis use has diluted d seriousness of the issue!
Dashy : Its quite a myth I must say. Neither have Women understood what Liberation actually means and neither have the so called activists understood the meaning for it. What Woman's Lib has turned out to be is Reservations for Women, Categorization and moving them away from the main stream rather than accomodating them in it. And though this is still a step forward from the 1800s in India we have a long way to go.
Sweetie : Women liberation is completely situational in this dominating male society. The society that a woman has to everyday live with, the family and relatives around, don't waste anytime making it clear to a girl who just complete college, that she is expected to throw off everything she has to get married and may be optionally try getting back to career, after 2-3 years of marriage, and kids. There are exceptions, there are exceptions, but very few... really, very few.majority of Women in India do all the household even if they go to work.women are still considered just people who were born to get married to a man, and take care of him. And most often women going to work actually go only to take care of the family expenses, finance those home loans, pay credit card bills including husband's cards, and save for that once in a year travel plans. I am really sorry to say that we are living in 21st century but with a mind set of 17th century...