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Posted By: Name Removed
Posted On: 05 Jan, 2012

Que : I am getting married in a month , but my guy doesn’t seem to take interest in the planning , is he into it ??

Ans By Gunjan P

He is very much into it by letting you take charge of the things beforehand, aint that enough for you to know. Well, unless you notice a troubling behavior, just be happy with all the shopping and planning, and do not forget to keep him posted of the developments. And when you can see the right mood to strike a chord, DELEGATE by appreciating his taste. He will eventually get involved.

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bebo : need not to worry most of the guys do so.unlike girls, guys generally dont take much interest in planning n rather prefer taking decision instantly.on d other hand, u shud be happy as u r getting an upper hand to do all d shopping urself.
Dashy : If he is not taking interest in the planning it should be quite ok. It simply means that he is a guy and he would be more interested in partying with his friends coz he is getting married. Look at the bright side, you get a free hand to plan exactly the way you want to. As long as he is not trying to avoid you, there is nothing to worry. He is totally into it. :)