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Posted By: Nisa(Karma : 18)
Posted On: 02 Jan, 2012

live in relationship

i am in a live in relationship for the last five years....everything went right till the time he fell for a girl in his office he used to lie to me.....stayed outside for long day when i checked his phone i saw her message...i asked him indirectly but he didn't out of anger i mixed rat foe in to his food..... but i have realised my mistake he was admitted in the hospital....fortunately it was not fatal...finaaly i came to know that she was just a friend and he used to be late due to overtime.....but i really want to say sorry to him....plez help

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Dashy : You are lucky you arent behind the bars for attempted murder. The only person who can help you is you yourself. I have heard that it takes a lot of guts to murder someone, so obviously you have the guts. Use those guts, approach the guy and say sorry to him. No bets on whether he would forgive you or would take you back in his life. But atleast you will feel better. Remember though, next time dont use Rat Poison, its hardly fatal ;)
Ansh : loving someone is good but trying to posses someone is not healthy for you or for your relationship....learnt to trust...the main problem in your part is communication gap...try to speak out when u have doubts rather than taking tension.
Anit : Humm....well what u did is natural..but but...tRUST is the..backbone of any if u love somebody just..ask him or her directly thats ur....adhikar...but these misundertsadings can runi relationships....