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Posted On: 05 May, 2012

career choice


Do you believe parents influence children’s career decision a lot? No matter how much we neglect that parents give ample freedom to their children in today's world, one cannot deny that still most of the career decision of children are based/ driven by their parents' concern.

Do you also think that parents force/ influence career move...if it right or wrong?

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DANIEL : We cannot say parents are right always,children need to first analyze as what parents are saying regarding their career is a right option to be acted upon or they have some other interest in which they want to make up their career.
ninny : yes parents do influence the decisions of their children. but not in a bad way. its that they know the world better and have experienced it. so they are in a better position to help their children take a decision
Deeksha : The picture can be changed as per the need of the society.
ASIN : yes...parents do influence a lot to their children's career decisions. It is another matter whether they succeed or not, but they try and impose their choice on them for sure.
Aqqi : My parents always encourage me. in whatever choice i make. They have brought me up in a way that they are sure that i will not choose wrong.
kruti : no. I think children today are smart enough and don't let their parents influence their decision.
neeti : yes they Indian households, still parents have say in their children's decision. Be it career choice or even marriage, they try n suggest their point of view. And i see no harm in they do care for their children. However too much interference should be avioded