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Posted On: 20 Jun, 2012


What action should be taken by girls & women against eve-teasing?

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Sona : There are laws but still not implemented properly.... We have to teach such boys a nice lesson of their life.
prams : eve teasing is nothing to do with what kind of clothes one wear. Even girls dressed up decently get teased by guys. It is important for men to understand that women are not a show piece but humans and they deserve the same kind of respect they do.
Don : I am a man and I am strictly against eve teasing, I am with you, but some girls wear very provocative clothes even at their work place and then they complain of being misbehaved. They should also try and maintain their dignity.
sunny : The Government has introduced a new law against eve-teasing. So if girls come across such situations they should immediately call police instead of getting scared.
Tiana : We girls should be strict and not get scared of the male population who thinks they can do anything.