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Discussion » » Mid Life Crisis»I feel so alone......
Posted On: 23 Dec, 2011

I feel so alone...


What do you do when u have so much pain in ur heart and u feel so alone... the only one who can stop u from crying is the one that made u cry?i need help.

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Ankur : Thank u all very much for ur kind words. yes I've tried to let go and although it took a very long time and i faltered down the road. i am managing it any how.I still get this huge urge to get in touch with her when life is bad or when I'm down but i resist and i find the feeling soon passes me by.
A Sahu : sit down, think of why you are crying and try to understand the whole situation. try to see if anyone intended to hurt you, if yes, then leave that person or return the favor. if not then, simply communicate your feelings to that person, let the fellow know you were hurt by his/her actions. cheer is beautiful.
Krish : Depends how they made you cry. cruel or thoughtless. violent or emotionally scarring. sounds like you may need to find someone to take the place of the one who made you will be okay, one day, maybe even sooner than you think, you will feel good. have lots of baths and listen to good music and paint a picture.