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Posted On: 24 Apr, 2012

grade for teachers


It has always been a trend in India that it is teachers who grade their students. No matter what a teacher teaches and how she is in her class room, there is no check at all.

Should students be allowed to grade their teachers? Will it bring transperancy in grading module for students as weel....

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Dhanya : There is always an internal evaluation system for the teachers which is looked into by the authorities or school management. Students should definitely be given a chance to express their opinion about teachers in some way or the other . But I do not think students are in the capacity to evaluate the teachers.
ninny : just kidding...i think its a good idea and teachers should be graded on the basis of the no. of votes they get
ninny : Ya absolutely. In fact its a great idea to grade teachers. i guess no teacher will ever get more than a b grade
neeti : there should be a chance given to children to express their thoughts about a particular teacher. The students must be given opportunity so that they can tell whether they are at ease with a teacher n their teaching style. However whether their should be a grading system or anything else..that needs to be seen.
funny guy : yes, definitely at least students should also be given a chance to speak their mind out. It is important to know what they feel about their teachers?