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Posted By: ninny(Karma : 3)
Posted On: 20 Apr, 2012

is chatting and texting throughout the day advisable???

Can a relationship started after just 10 days of texting or chatting ever be successful?? And is one really honest abt oneself when chatting? And can u fall for a girl just by chatting? is it good or bad to chat or text till latenight with sumone??

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Amy : Overdoing that is like addiction of anything is not advisable.
ASIN : i dont think people hardly share their true feelings/ likes/ dislike over chatting. So it is really a big risk, of one falls for a guy/ girl over chatting or texting alone.
prams : it depends how good you are in judging the person. One cannot be sure if the person messaging is telling all the truth about him/ one cannot really be sure.
ruhi : And there is no good or is just whether u want to do or u dont want to do.....if u feel lyk texting latenight do it...but make sure it doesnt affect ur health
ruhi : According to me me if one is honest while texting and has started texting wid sumone only after knowing him/her it is very likely dat their relationship will last.