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Posted By: Dolly(Karma : 0)
Posted On: 24 Jan, 2012

Is it cheating?


Hey Everyone,
Do you think falling in love with someone, even though you have the social tag of being 'married' a sin even when you know you truly love and respect that person?
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Sweetie : Being in love(true Love) will let you feel that your on the happiest and loneliest moment of your life. There’s no perfect relationship. feeling the love and care within you is one of the best gifts one can ever have.
Angela : its a bookish thing...there is nothing called true love in this real world...
AnilP : it can never is can never be bad,sin or wrong....its a pure thing above all cast creed and sex...but only thing u have to keep in mind that u should never ignore ur priorities.....God bless u