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Posted By: Anju(Karma : 2)
Posted On: 02 Jan, 2012

i feel hungry all the time

i feel hungry all the time. no matter how much eat my stomach remains empty. on the top of that i am a sloth. i hate to exercise. so in my early tweenties i am looking lika a woman of mid thirtees. i want to change this overeating habit of mine. i have tried many plans to bring myself down in to a shape but all of then went to vain. suggest me way which will help me to have a strong will power....thanks

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Dashy : Here is something you can do quite easily. Hold your head up still and look straight in the front of you. Then slowly move your head to the extreme left. The move your head to the extreme right. Repeat this five times continuously. This is a simple excercise and is to be done everytime some one offers you food :D. Will work wonders. Your problem is quite typical. Stop being lazy, walk and dont be a hog. You cant sit on your butt all day long and then expect people to help you get thinner. !!!
Anit : Firstly, good luck on your weight loss. It is hard work and I am glad that you are ready to start making life changes! There are a few ways to curb your hunger.
Nisa : join a gym which has a good trainer.consult a good dietician . stop all junk foods asap. increase ur water intake to detoxify ur body.....maintain some basic disciplines in life...its not that tough as u r thinking of....
Anit : going on a diet is the unmistakable hunger that accompanies a reduced calorie intake is almost next to impossible. But still there are ways to do it. start with some basic steps like-Drinking water throughout the day can help.