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Posted By: lazoi(Karma : 0)
Posted On: 08 Oct, 2016

Anger Management

Anger isn't unhealthy, however it should be handled appropriately. consider the purpose anger serves and the best approach to anger management.

Posted By: Max(Karma : 18)
Posted On: 06 Jul, 2015

Marriage improves health!

Marriage improves health!

Posted On: 07 May, 2015

Is the government right in decriminalizing marital rape?

Is the government right in decriminalizing marital rape?

Posted On: 06 May, 2015

Whatsapp is killing minds!

A Saudi man divorced his wife after she ignored his whatsMore

Posted On: 21 Oct, 2014

Banned on Firecrackers in Diwali

Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali?

Posted On: 13 Oct, 2014

Physical store or an e-tailer

Physical store or an e-tailer - which one would you prefer for shopping?

Posted On: 26 Sep, 2014

Beauty or Brain

Beauty or Brain – who can rule the world?

Posted On: 15 Sep, 2014

Degree or skill

Degree or skill – what is more important?

Posted By: Harsh(Karma : 8)
Posted On: 13 Aug, 2014

Night shifts

What do you think Women should work in night shifts or not?

Posted On: 06 Aug, 2014

Self Discipline

Do you think that self discipline can lead to better and safer traffic?