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Vengeance Confessions

All Confessions ยป Vengeance
Posted By: Poone(Karma : 2)
Posted On: 25 Aug, 2013

wholehearted confession

I am wholeheartedely confessing the sin i committed to take revenge on mt own sister.  I made false allegations about her having extra marital affairs with her ex botfriend through emails to her husband. I later apologized to both of them and told her husband that it was me who wrote such mails and it was not her fault. After that incident I am not able to live peacefully, I am not able to look after my child and husband properly. My husband also knows about this incident a...More
Posted On: 23 Feb, 2013


I took vengeance with my cousin as he is used to insult me everytime by teasing me in front of people. So one day, I got a chance to humilate him as well and I tried to make him understand in a party but took vengeance by his way only. I feel bad about it. More
Posted On: 13 Feb, 2013


I feel taking vengeance who so ever insults me or say bad things about me.  More
Posted On: 06 Feb, 2013


i was so obessed with this guy but when i proposed him, he turned me down and from then on i swore myself to teach him a lesson. soon i came to kwn that he liked one girl but i tol that girl about him all bad things and she started to ignore and hate him bt then i was in college but i still feel guilty about it otherwise it would have created beautiful lovestory among them.  More
Posted By: bebo(Karma : 16)
Posted On: 05 Mar, 2012

chetated my friend

my best friend used to like a girl in our college, whom i didnot like. in order to take revenge, I made false stories about her. In this way I instigated my friend against her, and he finally broke up with her. I still have not told my friend that whatever i said was false. however i want to go to him and tell him the truth one day. I want to confess that what i did was totally wrong. i m so sorry for that..... More
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