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Suicidal Tendency Confessions

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Posted On: 02 Jun, 2015

I feel soooo bad

I heard a noise&.I didn't realise it was someone I know who needed help&..he died&..I feel soooo bad  :-( If only I had reacted differently.More
Posted On: 23 May, 2015

i sometimes wish i would die in a car accident

i sometimes wish i would die in a car accident because it seems so much easier than going through the hassle of killing myself and it's much more dignified More
Posted On: 23 May, 2015

wht is gng in my life.??

I'm a 28 year old male and I can't find happiness in my life regardless of all the things or people in it. Sometimes I sit at my desk at work trying not to cry. Sometimes in walking down the street trying not to cry. I would not wish this pain on anyone. More
Posted On: 15 May, 2015

dirty lovesssssssssssss.

I went out with my ex's best friend and strangely, it was the way we reconciled- because we HAD to talk to eachother. Now he has a huge crush on my best friend... More
Posted On: 26 Dec, 2014

Suicidal Tendency

  I'd kill myself but I can't do that to my sons... More
Posted On: 28 Feb, 2013

Suicidal tendencies

My child has been going thorugh very tough time, He thinks that his dad doesnt love him and He was hospitilised as he cut his nerves. I feel guilty that he is doing because of me. More
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Posted On: 26 Feb, 2013


I had attempted once a suicide, by doing this act of mine, i have hurted my parents.Still today, I feel guilty of this.  More