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Confessions » Stealing »It made me excited too....
Posted On: 26 May, 2012

It made me excited too.

I was in 9th grade when i wanted to participate in the welcome song and dance performance for our school annual function, The teacher incharge did not let me because i have a little dance aptitude. I was pissed off . the other day , a day before the function the carton filled with the costumes for the same dance arrived , there was nobody in the room where they were kept. I was revengeful or i do not know what it was, i stole two of the  pretty pink dresses and stuffed them in my bag and carried home. The though was giving me so much of excitement .The whole dance was messed up as they had to remove two participants for lack of costumes. I felt good. But now i feel bad for putting the image of lot of people on stake and spoiling the hard work of two participants ,for a small envy.

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bebo : What you did was natural considering your age at that time. but i hope you are careful of your actions now.
suju1 : ohhhh, really sad, but you can try and tell them now.
muthuswami : It is basic woman nature. you were no different. but had it been that you could have controlled your emotions and helped the team whole heartedly, the in-charge may have considered you for next performance.