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Stealing Confessions

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Posted On: 15 Jul, 2015

My grandfather would beat my nanna.

My grandfather would beat my nanna, cheat on her and leave her for months without coming home. He never cared for his kids. The scary thing is, is that my father is his son. He doesn't care for me and my brothers, he leaves weeks on end.... and now i know the reason for my parents divorce. More
Posted On: 02 Sep, 2014

stole some money

I stole money from a family I work for. I am going crazy worrying they will notice before I can put the money back. More
Posted On: 07 Aug, 2014

I stole money

I stole money from my friends wallate so i could buy some guitars. More
Posted On: 25 Jul, 2014

stole money

I stole money from my parents drawer . I am sure I took more than about 200 rupees. I think they are going to find out soon. I don't know if they will think I did it. I felt guilty right now for this sin what to do???should I tell them More
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Posted By: Mac P(Karma : 8)
Posted On: 14 Jul, 2014

I steal all the time

I steal all the time. Not like, from other people, but from stores. Nothing big or major, just small  stuff. I don’t know why I do this and I can’t seem to stop. More
Posted On: 30 Jun, 2014

I hate my job

I have been stealing from my job to pay my bills and I hate myself for it. I steal close to 10000 Rs. a month at least. I doubt I will get caught but I also don’t know if I’ll be able to stop once my bills are paid. I hate my job and really want to get another one. More
Posted On: 27 Jan, 2014


I just wanted to come and confess my sins and pray that the lord will forgive me. Lord Please forgive me for lying stealing cheating cussing. I want to put this out their for everyone to see and to let god know that I am truly sorry for the sins. Sins That I have commited. More