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Stealing Confessions

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Posted On: 27 Jan, 2014


I just wanted to come and confess my sins and pray that the lord will forgive me. Lord Please forgive me for lying stealing cheating cussing. I want to put this out their for everyone to see and to let god know that I am truly sorry for the sins. Sins That I have commited.

Posted On: 25 Feb, 2013

I stole some money

I stole some moeny from my own house an ran away This thing is about 04 years back but I still repent of it. My intentions were not wrong as I wanted to do something big in my career. But I repent over my deed.

Posted On: 20 Feb, 2013


I have a very bad habit of stealing wallets travelling in train or bus. i feel guilty of this.

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Posted On: 14 Feb, 2013

A habit of stealing

I have a habit of stealing, after stealing something, i feel guilty about it.

Posted By: Priya(Karma : 2)
Posted On: 24 Jun, 2012

mom's purse

Last week I had to go out for a movie with my friends and I knew my mom will not give me money. So I just removed some cash from her purse while she was taking her afternoon nap. When I came back from the movie she asked me about it and I simply denied it.

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Posted By: Charm(Karma : 4)
Posted On: 24 Jun, 2012

sandals from a marriage

Recently, I had gone for a marriage and we had to remove our chappals outside the ceremony place. While I was leaving for home I saw very beautiful sandals and I just wore it to find that they were fitting perfectly. I just wore them and left from the place. I later felt how can I just take someone else's thing with me.

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Posted By: Sam(Karma : 5)
Posted On: 21 Jun, 2012

at my GF's house

Some two years back I had gone to my girl friends house to spend some time with her. She got a call from her friend and she left the room to talk. I was just looking at things and I saw some cash amount stashed in her drawer with some other trash. I took that money and never told her anything about it. But I feel guilty about this sometimes.

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Posted On: 26 May, 2012

It made me excited too.

I was in 9th grade when i wanted to participate in the welcome song and dance performance for our school annual function, The teacher incharge did not let me because i have a little dance aptitude. I was pissed off . the other day , a day before the function the carton filled with the costumes for the same dance arrived , there was nobody in the room where they were kept. I was revengeful or i do not know what it was, i stole two of the  pretty pink dresses and stuffed them in my bag ...More

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Posted By: ruby(Karma : 11)
Posted On: 03 May, 2012

guilty of stealing

once at my brother's wedding there were many relatives who  had cum for mehendi function so i saw 10000 rs in sumone's pocket and thought of stealing sum money so that i could buy myself expensive stilettos from miss sixty that i had seen earlier when i had gone for shopping with mom but my mom dint let me buy that bcoz it was too i got a chance and i stole 5000 bugs  from the persons purse and hid that money in my piggy bank and nobody kn...More

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Posted By: bebo(Karma : 16)
Posted On: 06 Mar, 2012

stealing from shops

as a kid i always used to pick tiny things from shops. when i use to go with my mother to general store or other shops i used to steal small things like toffees, pencils , small toys etc. as in earlier times there used to be no tight security in shops.

when the shop keeper get busy giving things to my mom, i used to steal things kept near counter and other places.

my mother never knew this.

i feel very shamed of such things now and i'm sorry for thisMore

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