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Stealing Confessions

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Posted On: 02 Sep, 2014

stole some money

I stole money from a family I work for. I am going crazy worrying they will notice before I can put the money back.

Posted On: 07 Aug, 2014

I stole money

I stole money from my friends wallate so i could buy some guitars.

Posted On: 25 Jul, 2014

stole money

I stole money from my parents drawer . I am sure I took more than about 200 rupees. I think they are going to find out soon. I don't know if they will think I did it. I felt guilty right now for this sin what to do???should I tell them

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Posted By: Mac P(Karma : 8)
Posted On: 14 Jul, 2014

I steal all the time

I steal all the time. Not like, from other people, but from stores. Nothing big or major, just small  stuff. I don’t know why I do this and I can’t seem to stop.