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Posted On: 23 Dec, 2011

Love-family etc.........


I am in love with my cousine  and he has confessed that he is in love with me, our families are not supporting it coz we belong to same family. But I really want to be with him. he is the one, I have known this for years. What should I do?

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Sweetie : Darling stop living in a fantasy world. come to reality. let this emotion get over. if you'll continue this way , then someday it will end up in a very devastating manner. so please step back before it gets too late.believe me,world is full of good looking and compatible guys.look for one for yourself.
Anbu : If u have feelings.. honest feelings ur better off running away from them now before it gets worse u have no idea how bad ur going to feel.. u will ruin ur relationship and ur family.. i know it seems a little harsh to say but.........
Chelvan : Its wrong but you shouldn't feel bad about being attracted to him. Just try to hook up with someone out of your family. so you can get your mind off him. move on darling.
Ali : Incest is a sin. the biggest problem is the fact that he is your BROTHER! i think you should find someone else and go away from "liking" your brother. It may sound a bit tough but there is no way out for u other than moving on. All the best darling.
Anish : It might not be weird to have a crush on a relative, but you should probably keep your distance from your cousin. Start hanging out with your friends and get to know some other guys. He's your family, nothing else.
Angel : its okay to love your brother, but in a BROTHERLY way, not a marriage way.(Marrying your siblings is illegal and I'm pretty convinced even your brother wouldn't go along with it)just remember, there is no point in continuing because it will never be acceptable as you are already part of each others family. so give it up. there is no point.I hope my point will help.