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Confessions » Relationships»All the people take me too much for granted...
Posted On: 23 Dec, 2011

All the people take me too much for granted

I have no idea why all the people take me too much for granted. starting from my parents to my friends. Is it because i love them, care for them? or  sesitive people are considered as fools in this world? no matter how badly they behave with me i always respect them and stnd by them.  i expect nothing more from them other than love, care and respect. everybody asks me to ignore whoever is hurting me. but how can i, when they are my own people?

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freena : No you are not bad...You just need to stop showing others your softness all the time. this world is full of opportunists. the more you bother for them, the more pain you get back in return.So learn to be a little bit selfish