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Perversion Confessions

All Confessions ยป Perversion
Posted On: 15 Oct, 2014


I fantasize about putting my foster sister to sleep with cold medicine. Then raping her. She's not a lesbian like me but god is she hot! Then I'm going to make her pussy stink.  More
Posted On: 02 Mar, 2013

why some people are pervert?

Once one pervert was harassing my sister and fortunately I reached on time and rescued her as she was waiting outside of the station only till I didnt reach her. I rescued her that time but what if I wouldnt have reached on time and What would have happened with her. I feel  very bad foor girls as they are not secure. More
Posted On: 27 Feb, 2013

why people are perverts?

My sister was complaning about one guy in college who is a pervert, he constantly follow her wherever she goes. one fine day, I confronted him and beat him with the help of my friends. I feel relieved that he do not do anything to my sister but sometimes I feel bad because instead of beating I could have talked with him. But anyways, he was harassing many girls in the campus. More
Posted On: 07 Feb, 2013

i am pervert

I am pervert, i try to control this habit, due to this i do not any girfriend yet. More
Posted On: 14 Mar, 2012

don't want to get married

while my family is after me to get married..........i dont believe in the constituion of marriage at all. i am fed of my parent's repeated attempts to approve a suitable girl for myself.  i am already in live in wd a girl but i am afraid to tell my how will they react? More
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