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Parental Contempt Confessions

All Confessions ยป Parental Contempt
Posted On: 16 May, 2015

my family think im so good.

my family think im so good. it kind of makes me feel bad. considering they have no idea what things i've done this past year.   oh and dad , i'm failing maths. and i couldn't care less.More
Posted On: 13 May, 2015

i #know the reason for my #parents #divorce.

My grandfather would beat my nanna, cheat on her and leave her for months without coming home. He never cared for his kids. The scary thing is, is that my father is his son. He doesn't care for me and my brothers, he leaves weeks on end.... and now i know the reason for my parents divorce. More
Posted On: 11 May, 2015

my #mums #cheating on my #stepdad

my mums cheating on my stepdad and she tells me everything . i cant take it im already depressed but ive only told my 2 bestfriends and my boyfriend . i dont know what to do and at the point where i just dont wanna wake up in the morning . More
Posted On: 08 May, 2015

i am in #complicated situation plz hlp..

I feel like my family and freinds don’t really like me. My mom always points out something she doesn’t like about my appearance, and my sister points out stuff about my personality as if i always can controll it. I just wanna leave my family behind, change my name and move far away, and never ever speak with them again.  More
Posted On: 02 Mar, 2013

Parents do not agree

When I ran away with my gf and got married as my parents were not agreeing with our match, even though I tried to convince them. But still things didnt work out, I feel guilty for this that did I make a big crime by loving someone and keeping my promise? More
Posted On: 27 Feb, 2013

parents never agree

one of my friend got married agnst his parents wishes to his gf and his parents do not accept him and his wife. I feel very bad that I alsocouldnt help him in his situation when he needed me. More
Posted On: 26 Feb, 2013

Against parents

My niece got married aginst her parents wish with her bf. She is very much happy with this guy. But I feel bad about them as her parents do not allow her still at her own home. More