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Posted By: Aqqi(Karma : -3)
Posted On: 05 May, 2012

I was scared

I am a young guy doing my MBA. there was this girl who fell in love with me and confessed her love too. I was not serious but thought of spending some good time,the girl got too serious and was deeply attached to me. One day she called me and she was crying that she was missing me. I got irritated and also got scared that what if she starts pressurising me for marriage. I stopped taking her calls from that night . she messaged me, pleading in every message. tried to call me a thousand times. i knew she was in a bad condition and i was the culprit but i did not pay attention and moved on. later i got to know that she was admitted to hospital due to severe sickness. I feel very guilty now for ruining a nice girl.

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Aqqi : thanks neeti and prams. i will try to do that. thanks for your help.
neeti : You had your lesson. Now try to be nice to girls in future. If you think you are not ready for serious relation, tell the girl before hand and maintain a sacred friendship. This will not hurt anyone of you.
prams : what you did to that girl was not at all right. And since you are feeling bad about her means that you too are emotionally involved with her. Now you can atleast go to that girl and say sorry. Even if you don't want to continue with her, explain her and try to maintain a cordial relation with her. Try to support her emotionally....