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Posted On: 25 Feb, 2012


I Would like to confess that i forget my dearest wife's birthday on 22nd feb,

and i realised when some of my friends were wishing birthdays to their friends,

that i am forgetting something, i tried for 2 days to manau my wife, successfully done on 25th feb, with a promise of taking her out for a lunch on 26th feb.

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Deeksha : M glad you made up for that...:)
minmin : Remembers birthdays or important family dates doesnt come naturally to most of the men. At the same time it is abolutely natural for women to expect their partners to remember and get extremely upset if they fail to do so. My only advise to you is if you really love and care for your partners feeling then ensure you take all possible steps to temember this from next year onwards. Set reminder on emails. mobiles, calenders etc. At leats this way you will keep her happy. The damage done is is no crime...and great to see you are making all possible efforts to pacify her. But next prepared...handling women is no less than playing with fire. Good luck.
Posted On: 29 Jan, 2014


I have a friend who is very irritating, and I treat him terribly I never want to talk to him, but I also feel very terrible for treating him this way

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