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Posted On: 23 Apr, 2012

farted during a meeting


I was in a very crucial meeting with my board of directors of the compnay, where discussions were going on about the launch of a new product.

however since i had a bad stomach, i was not able to concentrate on the presentation.

i was trying hard not to fart in front of everybody.

But suddenly , one of colleague who got up to exit the room, accidently stepped on my feet and i farted badly.

Everybody in the room started laughing and I was so embarresed.........

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Dhanya : hahaha its so funny. But it is something natural, you did not do it intentionaly. just chill about it.
neeti : its ok samuel..... no one would kill you for that..but it was hilarious no doubt...
tom : It is natural samuels there is nothing feeling bad about it.
prams : haha..that's funny...but it happens with almost everybody (of course not with everyone during meeting), but it is normal. So relax !!!