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Posted On: 17 Jul, 2012

Dance of Love

Let's dance the moving of really like to the lovely song our minds and hearts serenades us with having each other so close and limited, swaying to the smooth, slowly beat, moving in the moonlight of summer time season night. The warm piece of cake caresses us and we treasure this individual time together, hands covered around each other while I look into your sight and discover myself bewitched by their elegance. No terms can be found to show what exactly is in our minds and hearts. For terms have no significance now as we journey upon the gusts of wind of really like that take us to a haven all our own away from the problems of truth for a brief time where we can treasure a really like so powerful and true, time when our mouth fulfill and in that individual hug we discover something so special and amazing that will last for forever and beyond. Oh my Favorite, the feel of your body against my own delivers new life in this heart of my own and I discover myself never seeking this time to end, never seeking to end this moving of really like we discuss so gradually and adoringly.

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