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Confessions » Negative Attitude »miss my friend...
Posted On: 06 Jun, 2012

miss my friend

I really like d girl and even she expressed her interest in me. But i am such a fool that I was not able to say this to her ever. And to top of it when she said she like me, I said that i don't like her.....what a crap i am..??

Now she is no more friends with me and moved to another place and i miss her very much. I am sorry ...for my stupid behaviour..

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Amy : awww , so sad , but may be one day you will find her if you really love her.
superb : I think there is no use to cry over split milk. The least you can do is to try and be nice to girls in future. Hope you will soon find a nice girl for yourself.
SETHI : aww.....are yaar, even I have a similar problem....thu i am not able to tell my feelings to the girl. But u did wrong by not accepting the girl...