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Molestation Confessions

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Posted On: 15 May, 2015

Everytime I look at my ex I think I hate him a little bit.

Everytime I look at my ex I think I hate him a little bit. Though it's funny, because everytime a see a picture of him with another girl I hate her a little too. So I'm thinking that there's a little bit there that still loves him too. More
Posted On: 26 Dec, 2014


I cant even kiss my boyfriend, let alone be sexual with him. Molest has ruined me. I will NEVER full recover from those events. I wish I was strong enough to let go a little bit, but i can’t. I feel like a disappointment and that i’ll never be good enough for anyone. More
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Posted On: 09 Oct, 2014

Step Daddy...

I enjoy my step daddy molesting me. I love it so much. I enjoy it when he asks my sister to molest me too. I was put in this family to be molested. He usually rubs and massages my pussy to help put me to sleep so he can molest me while I sleep. I deserve to be molested.  More
Posted On: 11 Jul, 2014

breaking down

The person that I love most in this world is, I believe intentionally making me suffer. I can't do anything without crying and breaking down because the past 7 months have been hell and I can't find my way back. Even with meditation and counselling I can't deal. I just keep hoping that someone will help me... More
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Posted On: 30 Jan, 2014

I told people in school a friend tried to rape me?

We are both males and I just really have no interest but I slept over in his house. He told me to if I will give him a BJ. I screamed, I was extremely scared next day I told everybody even though technically he did not rape me and now his gone through extreme abuse currently going through help after a suicide attempt. Did I really go to far even though he was in the wrong at first. More
Posted On: 20 Feb, 2013


When I was a child one uncle molested me since then I dont have much trust on people. I afraid a lot. More
Posted On: 08 Feb, 2013

i molested one girl

I molested one girl iin public and i was so lucky enoough to escape from this but now I feel very bad about it. More
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