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Molestation Confessions

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Posted On: 11 Jul, 2014

breaking down

The person that I love most in this world is, I believe intentionally making me suffer. I can't do anything without crying and breaking down because the past 7 months have been hell and I can't find my way back. Even with meditation and counselling I can't deal. I just keep hoping that someone will help me...

Posted On: 30 Jan, 2014

I told people in school a friend tried to rape me?

We are both males and I just really have no interest but I slept over in his house. He told me to if I will give him a BJ. I screamed, I was extremely scared next day I told everybody even though technically he did not rape me and now his gone through extreme abuse currently going through help after a suicide attempt. Did I really go to far even though he was in the wrong at first.

Posted On: 20 Feb, 2013


When I was a child one uncle molested me since then I dont have much trust on people. I afraid a lot.

Posted On: 08 Feb, 2013

i molested one girl

I molested one girl iin public and i was so lucky enoough to escape from this but now I feel very bad about it.

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Posted On: 07 Feb, 2013


I molestated one girl in my college physically.

Posted By: dai(Karma : 4)
Posted On: 16 Jul, 2012

shame on me.. its killing me.

around 10-11 yrs ago in summer vacations i alonng with my two cousins went to my aunts place for few days. one of my cousin who was just 1 yr elder to me was beautiful and my mind was filled with lust. one afternoon we were lying together and i started puting my hend on her belly and then up towards her breast.she looked towards me.her eyes were full of hatredness fr me. probably she did not reported my sin to anybody. but after that i can feel that her behaviour changed completely. she ne...More

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Posted By: Pete(Karma : 4)
Posted On: 21 Jun, 2012

girl in the bus

Once I was travelling at night in a bus and there was beautiful girl sitting next to me. After the lights went off in the bus and everybody was sleeping. I acted as in I sleeping and started sticking to the girl. She got annoyed and gave a nice slap to me and swaped her place with other passenger.

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Posted On: 16 May, 2012

I molested my younger cousin

Hi, I am sorry but I am here to confess my crime. I see the show on TV and then found it important to write here. I use to molest my younger cousin when I was about 25 and she was 10 years old. I never thought about the consequences she must be facing but when I saw the girl crying on tv show , i felt very guilty and ask for forgiveness for my sin.

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Posted On: 16 Feb, 2012

My sister will kill me for this.

My sister was not well and asked me to pick her 15 years old son, my nephew, from school. I have broken with my boyfriend few months back and was not having any physical intimacy with a man for long. I picked up my nephew and on the way back home he started discussing his schoolmate's kisses and other experiences because he always takes me as  a friend. While listening to all that I got excited and pulled over the car , and kissed him on his lips. He responded back and touched me ...More

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