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Confessions » Infidelity »why couldn't I say no to temptation...
Posted By: Amy(Karma : 6)
Posted On: 29 May, 2012

why couldn't I say no to temptation

 I have been with my boyfriend for three years. I love him very much and he is the greatest man I have ever been with. We have been living together for over a year. Fidelity has never been an issue; we both consider unfaithfulness the gravest thing one can do in a relationship and have both agreed that if the other cheats...we will leave.

I recently moved out of state for 2 and 1/2 months for a prestigious internship. Within the first 5 days here I have slept with three other men. I don't know why I did it. I can't explain it. I hate myself for doing it. I love my boyfriend very very much and want only to be with him. When he is around, fidelity is NOT an issue. Im scared that with him being gone, to cope with the emotional loss, I am having sex with people.

Oh god....I just want to stop but I can't seem to stop myself. 

I cannot tell my boyfriend that I have been unfaithful. He will leave me and I can't lose him. he is the greatest thing in my life.

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SHRUTI : Dear Amy, I think you should tell your boyfriend about what all has happened in your you both promised that you will tell if anyone cheats. Tell him the truth and if he really loves you...he will forgive u n accept u ...