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Humiliation Confessions

All Confessions ยป Humiliation
Posted On: 20 Jun, 2012

In a party

I went to a party last weekend . I saw one of my friend who had borrowed a big amount from me 6 months back and which she had not returned. I lost my patience and humiliated her before others. I felt bad when I returned home and thought what had got over me. How can I behave in such a way More
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Posted By: heen(Karma : 7)
Posted On: 18 May, 2012

the worst bullyin thing i saw in my college

 The worst bullying happened behind my college, where no one can see what's happening. The worst I ever witnessed happed behind a brick wall by the railroad tracks. They were threatening so beat him up if he din't take his clothes off and kicked him a few time to let him know they meant it. I was there with some other girls. He was so scared and intimidated, that he took it all off and stood there in nothing but his socks. It even embarrassed me to see him bieng laughed at and...More
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Posted By: jaya(Karma : 9)
Posted On: 06 Apr, 2012

boss misbehaved

never had the courage to disclose that my boss who was quite elder to me, once mis behaved with me, one evening in office, he called me in his room for some work. During our conversation, he came closer to me and tried to kiss me. I immediately shifted back. It happened in a fraction of second, and i could not understand what exactly happened. and to top of it, my boss had no sign of any guilt or shame on his face. he remained calm as if nothing has happened. it was t...More
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Posted On: 02 Jan, 2012

I do not like to work

I am a very talented musician . But i do not like to work. I do not earn any money and i keep borrowing from my friends. I make new friends everywhere and ask them to lend me money. Then i move on from that place to make new friends so that i do not have to return the money. I know if i decide to work and create music I can do wonders. But I am just too lazy to do that. I am wasting myself. More