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Confessions » Honesty»I am so fond of hiding facts...
Posted On: 23 Dec, 2011

I am so fond of hiding facts

I do not know why i am so fond of hiding facts. I have a bad habit of telling un-needed lies. I don't even spare simple occassions and i always manage to find an excuse by saying SORRY. This habit of mine is making me unpopular among everyone. Nobody is really able to trust me.  I am really worried. this habit may get me in to a very siviour problem someday.

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Aaki : whatever the reason, you need to stop lying because it causes people to distrust you and can become a habitual problem with serious consequence.
Anbu : i completely agree with Aaki. you have to learn to act selfishly. we all have one life. if you spend it only trying to please other then when would you live it, you the only one who is solely responsible for your own happiness.
freena : Try to give yourself small punishment for your every lie like skipping your favorite food or TV show that day. Only you are the person who can rectify yourself.At first it may feel tough but after someday you will be very happy.