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Confessions » Guilt»I was sexually abused............
Posted On: 23 Dec, 2011

I was sexually abused.........


I was sexually abused day in and day out for almost five years as I have spend fifty percent of my youngage in hostel.  It took me a while to talk about, even now, I get nightmares. The worst thing about it was, noone had ever really believed me because I was a kid. It has been hard to forget what has happened to me. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I just try to be all right with what has happened since I can't change it Because of what I have been through, it has put me into a situation that if I hear about someone being sexually abused, I just want to save them. . However, having gone through it, I have experienced the pain, the agony, and I now want to turn my pain into helping others.

Now I have dedicated my life to help the Abused children get out of their abusive situations/home, and help them be safe. I think it shouldn't hurt to be a child.

The reason why I want to help them, is because someone has to do it, and who would be better to help someone, than someone who has had to go through the same situation, and can truly understand....

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Rony : It is really a shocking story dear,guess your life will be full of happiness.
Ansh : You're very strong and sincere. Hats off to you. I wish you all the very best for all your efforts. Lots of people do need your help and guidance. By helping others you will be helping yourself - so everyone will benefit.
Nisa : i never thought i would find someone like u. u r truly an angel. when i was reading your story i kept saying to myself this person can't be an ordinary human being like us.Though i was never been a victim of sexual abuse still i can understand.
Anirvan : Hello brave lady. You are not a victim, you are a "survivor". I don't have anything to add to what you wrote, because you said it all. I admire you. your post was not at all easy to write. its an eye opener for our society.
SAnirudhha : You had a rough time, as a child. It would be a challenging and probably distressing (but really worthwhile) occupation for you and your own experiences would certainly help you empathize with the victims you were helping.
Anish : I know this was incredibly hard for you to write, but I admire your courage to share and your willingness to help others. I know that your story will surely help someone else who has gone thru this horrible experience. That is a priceless gift!I hope you do pursue your goal of working with abused children. You have such a generous, loving heart and spirit, your gifts would certainly help the children.Bless you for sharing and for wanting to help others. Hugs ...