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Greed Confessions

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Posted By: Pam(Karma : 23)
Posted On: 15 May, 2015

they just #teasing me #behind my back

one of my friends said that if i did a poo in the guys letter box that i liked that he would like me back but it just made him mad at me :( my friends always make me do things that dont seem normal. i have a feeling they are not my friends they are just teasing me behind my back More
Posted On: 13 Aug, 2014

I stole money

I stole money from my office. I only wanted my kids to have a good life. I only wanted my wife not to worry only for that reason I stole money from office and I felt very guilty for this sin God please forgive me. More
Posted On: 21 Feb, 2013


My uncle was very greedy for money that he fought with us and took all money from us and wanted to settle in US but he died in accident. I feel pity for him. More
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Posted On: 11 Feb, 2013


I am so much used to do smoking, i cant keep myself from smoking. i take smoke i think 25 sigrattes  per day. I feel guilty of this.  More
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Posted On: 07 Feb, 2013

greedy for sweets

I am so much of greedy for sweets, that i can not share with anybody which makes me later feel guilty but cant control over it More
Posted By: Anuj(Karma : 12)
Posted On: 02 Jun, 2012

Money stole

yaar bloody hell i got my sir's wallet lying on the table in the class and i took it , can you **** in imagin there was so much money inside i went to bathroom and counted then i called my friend and we took all the money and shared it and throw the purse outside the window...we had fun but he will not know we take the money.More
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