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Confessions » Gluttony »can't stop eating...
Posted By: ASIN(Karma : 5)
Posted On: 04 May, 2012

can't stop eating

I simply cn't stop eating. I love to eat and that too in office. Whole day I just sit and wait for lunch time. Other than bringing my tiffin, I also go to canteen to order something for me.

Evening tea is again a party time for me, as I look forward to having some snacks............

each day I feel burdened with guilt for eating so much but can't help this bad habit of mine........

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kruti : even i am dealing with a similar problem as i too love to eat. But i consulted a doctor and he said that it is not a problem if u eat, but what u eat. He has given me a chart of eatables which i can have, which have low calories. Plus regular exercise will also help
Aqqi : Control yaaar...!!!