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Confessions » Envy »All my life...
Posted By: Admin
Posted On: 19 May, 2012

All my life

 I have had to go though my entire life being treated badly because I am ugly. When I was in elementary school, i would hang out with my so called friends at school but never invited me to come over to their houses and when I would invite them over to my house they always said they were busy. In middle school, I was bullied and called bad names and had awful rumors spread about me. My freshman year in high school was much the same. By my sophomore year, i moved to another school and hoped that my pain would end. This was no the case. People gave me disgusted looks, comment about my unattractiveness behind my back, or sometimes say it to my face. People would avoid me. I am a senior now and I have been depressed and have tried to end my life 16 times (no longer suicidal). Now I tend to resent attractive people because they have no mercy for my feelings. Sometimes the sight of them can get me depressed or very angry. I am about to go off to college but I am scared about my future where everybody will treat me badly because i am not remotely attractive. I think about the experiences that I will never have like hanging out with friends, getting married, or having kids.I have small hope for the future but I think that my life will end unfavorably for me.

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jadu01 : hey dude, do something good in life, you will get over that feeling.