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Posted On: 15 Jul, 2015

I #lied to my #bestfriend

I lied to my best friend for 3 years about being clean from meth. I have been clean for the past 2 years but I can't tell her without confessing to lying to her for the first 3 years. More
Posted By: Nimo(Karma : 37)
Posted On: 15 May, 2015

it just #kills me #inside

After having four children, I now have the baby belly and no matter what I do, as in exercise, eat right it hasn't gone away and I hate it when people ask "when are you due" it just kills me inside. I always reply with "it's just left overs" they always just look the other way More
Posted On: 08 May, 2015

felling Embarrassing

I am the most awkward idiot on the face of the Earth. Blurted out the lovely info that I watch ‘Anaconda’ when I’m bored to my friends at the lunch table. “LEZBEHONESTHEEERRRRRREEE!!!” I swear to God, I’m never gonna live it down– and It’s not even like I’m attracted to Nicki Minaj or anything, I just kinda like parts of the song…sigh. I am the ultimate looser. I wish I could move to Germany and live on my sister’s chicken ...More
Posted On: 03 Jun, 2014

A guilt

I never liked the people in my class, dumb and machist boys, stupid girls that only care about money, bullies, and just ridiculous people in general. Since the begining of the year i only handled being in that class because wenever i got mad at them i would imagine torturing them (i can be really creepy sometimes) and, one day in history class, our teacher brought a ancia...More
Posted On: 14 Feb, 2013


I envied to my sister's professional progress as even after doing MBA I havnt got good job yet. More
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Posted On: 12 Feb, 2013


I envied so much of my friend because she is good looking and many guys used to propose her, due to jealousy i tried to defame her in the front of my boys friends, and now the college is over, i feel guilty over my deed.  More
Posted On: 08 Feb, 2013


When I was child I used to get jealous of my elder brother as he is used to punish me a lot but today I feel bad to keep such feeling, as he was more discipline than me. More