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Confessions » Disciplinary Issues »made wrong call to my boss...
Posted By: neeti(Karma : 8)
Posted On: 27 Apr, 2012

made wrong call to my boss

I am seeing a guy since last 6 months and we talk and meet quite often. We talk over phone even during office hours, as we are very much in lovw and likw to share what all happened during day.

Once at my office we were talking over phone and d phone had network problem making d line being disconnected again and again. As soon as the phone ringed again, without looking carefully I picked it and started talking asuming it to be my boyfriend.

To my surpirse it was my boss on the other end....

after hearing me calling him sweety n darling, he interuppted me and then i realised my mistake.

Being a senior he gave me a warning to be more careful in the future. I got my lesson...........but it was sooooo embarassing...!!!!

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Aqqi : It was not your mistake. it was a blunder. do not feel bad.
Dhanya : i find it funny too. but yes it sure is a learning too.
ruhi : hahaha....i wud say it was rather funny and cute. keep goin girl!!