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Compulsive Lying Confessions

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Posted By: Ken(Karma : 14)
Posted On: 23 Apr, 2014


I lie pretty much about anything. I don’t know why i lie, i just do.
I can’t remember the first lies i told, i don’t know why i started lying.
I lied to my girlfriend about being unwell, to get out of situations, perhaps to avoid her, perhaps for sympathy. I don’t know. I want to stop. But i can’t. I don’t know what to do. I really don’t deserve the people around me that care about me.

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Posted By: Aara(Karma : 19)
Posted On: 18 Apr, 2014

I’m smiling again

After a long and painful depression, I can finally see the light. I’m going out again, I’m smiling again.. But behind every smile is a weight on my heart.

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Posted On: 04 Mar, 2014

Need someone

I have pretended to be happy and ok for so long that I no longer remember ever being truly happy. I pretend to be strong for my mom when she needs it and now I need someone instead.

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Posted On: 07 Feb, 2013


i am compulsive lier, i do not know why I behave this way?

Posted On: 16 Nov, 2012

Lying Parents

I could never imagine lying to my parents but did it once. I am very fond of dancing but my parents are totally against it. My friend has his own dance class so I joined it one day without telling my parents about it. I used to attend the dance class everyday and also used to teach dance to the kids. I used to lie to my parents saying I had lectures till late evening because of e...More

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Posted By: Sona(Karma : 6)
Posted On: 21 Jun, 2012


Hi, am 18 years old. I come from a middle class family. From my childhood i use to lie to my parents and friends. Yes it never hurted any1 or it has never gained profit to me and else loss to anyone. But nowadys i lie so much which i only dont remember. I lie where it is not necessary.

Please help me how can i get rid of this problem.

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Posted By: Rhea(Karma : 2)
Posted On: 20 Jun, 2012


I have got this habit of lying to my husband. I many times spend money on shopping and than lie to my husband while giving accounts. I sometimes get caught and he gets very angry on me because of it.

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Posted By: SETHI(Karma : 7)
Posted On: 09 Jun, 2012

lied at work place

I lied once at my office that I have lost a huge sum of money  as my brother did a fraud to me. I got much of attention and consulation from my colleagues and boss as well. They also gave me good increament for annual basis....for which i lied.....!!!!

however now i feel scared that some day I will speak the truth or the truth will eventually be out by my mouth some how......i am worried each day......

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Posted On: 29 Apr, 2012

I keep lying to my boyfriend.

My boyfriend is a very nice man and he takes care of me very good. I have this habit of taking his attention constantly. and if he is not able to due to his work and something, i tell him lies to gain his attention and his sympathy. I want him to be with me all the time.

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Posted By: bebo(Karma : 16)
Posted On: 09 Mar, 2012

lying to my spouse

i lie to my husband most of the time n feel really bad afterwards. most of the time i lie to him about making extra expenses........on nasty things........though he is very goog n never say anythng to me.... i feel even more bad. 

i want to get rid of this bad habit..........pls help....

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