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Child Abuse Confessions

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Posted By: Simi(Karma : 31)
Posted On: 15 May, 2015

I was #abused as a #child...

I was abused as a child... I was maybe 11 or 12 can't remember as I have tried to block it from the moment it started lasted till I wad 15.. I'm 34 mow. I have forgiven him.. And I know he can't hurt anyone. Else.... I pity him. God have mercy on his soul. More
Posted By: Marc(Karma : 17)
Posted On: 09 May, 2015


I think my mom hates me. She’s hit me before and I hadn’t done any thing it was all my little sister (she clawed me and I yelped.) It’s all I can think about and I haven’t told anybody other than my immediate family which of course knows. I know there are people that have it worse and I hate myself every time I pity myself, but it hurts watching my little sister be pampered. I want to run away, but my sister has college to pay for and my parents would waste that mon...More
Posted By: Diya(Karma : 37)
Posted On: 07 May, 2015

Confessions of an abused child

It has been a long time since I have written anything. Today unfortunately I once again put fingers to keyboard. The circumstances of my write are in no means good, further more they are in no means bad either, it has grown to be something worse. After reading and hearing, first hand, the account of little Hope�...More
Posted By: Admin
Posted On: 22 Jan, 2015

4 Indonesians In Rape Case Retract Confessions

Four janitors charged with raping a kindergartner at a prestigious international school in Indonesia retracted their confessions Wednesday, saying they were tortured by police during questioning. The school was shaken earlier this year in an unrelated case after news surfaced that William Vahey, an American who taught there from 1992 to 2002, killed himself as the FBI was investigating evidence that he may have sexually abused scores of teenage boys during a 40-year career at 10 internatio...More
Posted By: Admin
Posted On: 21 Jan, 2015

Brazil's Child Prostitutes

Brazil's Child Prostitutes - as Brazil prepares to host the next World Cup, it's people are confronted with the growing problem of child prostitution. The country's relaxed attitude to buying sex has long attracted millions of tourists, particularly men. But now the world's oldest industry is recruiting the world's youngest workers. UNICEF estimates there are 250,000 children into prostitution across Brazil. In this shocking episode of BBC Our World, Chris Rogers goes u...More
Posted By: Jimy(Karma : 8)
Posted On: 04 Oct, 2014

live in constant fear

My mom completely targets me for everything. I do everything right. I try to get good grades, honor classes, I have responsibility and I just don’t bother her with anything. But I am still always blamed for everything.  I live in constant fear. Because of her i have developed anxiety disorder and depression. More
Posted On: 16 Jul, 2013

Mom beat me when i was in the tub with an extension cord when i was younger

Happened when i was a kid when ever i made her angry she would cut the cord off the iron mostly and she would beat me with it when i was in the tub, she would tell me to leave the door open because she would punish me for being bad then would tell me that god doesn't wont her to spare the rod because it would spoil the child. More